Cloud Infra Hosting

Host your Complete Internal IT on Cloud. We can help you achieve IaaS, PaaS and SaaS deployments with Hight Availability and Disater Recovery.

App / Website Hosting

Host your Web Application, Websites and Mobile Apps on VMs, WebApps, Serverless architecture. We can implement Auto-Scaling & Auto Deploy and Multi-region Deployments

IoT Cloud Integration

One Network can help you Visualize & Monitor your IoT data on cloud by deploying IoT Applications on cloud using Integrators such as HTTP and MQTT and many more.

Partial Workloads

Test your Flavour of cloud by running Partial Workloads on Cloud. We can help you analyze Cost Effectivness and Performance Improvement. We can help you Stress test, Load Test and Perform security tests and VAPT.

Disaster Recovery Services

We can help you Configure Backup & Recovery of Workloads and Databases on Cloud. We can also Automate Failover, keep works load High Available, Geo Replicated with Multi Region Disaster Recovery. Test your Business Continuity Plans with our services.

Cloud Migration

One Network can Assess your On Premises workloads and help you with Migration of your Virtualized Environments and Physical workloads and help you Optimize Cloud Environments.

Cloud Delivery

Deliver Content with Low Latency using Cloud – Edge Locations distributed Geographically. One Network can help you Segment your audience and Lower Server Load and optimize Page Load times with CDN services.

Analytics & Automation

One Network can help you Deploy Auto-Provision and Auto-Scaling of Workloads using Custom Templates. We can configure CI/CD of Applications for Agile Development with DevOps Services. We can also Integrate Intelligent Services such Cognitive Services, Machine Learning services and SIEM Applications.