One Network specializes in the System Integration of networking devices enabling enterprises to communicate effectively with their Data Centre, branch, enterprise employees who are present at different geographical locations and also with their customers.
At the same time it is mandatory for these integrated networking devices to follow the rules set by the administrators to block and remove any network threats that may compromise the organization data.

Through years of experience One Network is able to provide enterprise-leading solutions in the field of Network communication and security. Through our expert professional team we deeply understand the needs and insights of our customers and give them appropriate solutions that help them attain their business goals.

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data-Communication1Data communication Products are designed to operate and transmit digital data over a limited bandwidth network for a given WAN system. Therefore an efficient Data communication solution is a must at core of a WAN system.

For an Effective communication network we recommend the best Data Communication Products available. Wired and Wireless cellular platform we recommend a PSTN, ADSL, VDSL, FTTH, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and 4G connectivity medium.



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switching-and-routingNetwork Switches and Routers form the basis for network and data communication within a business, building, or on a campus. A Switch connects to systems like computers or servers forming a network whereas a Router connects these networks.
Network-based Business Applications enhances the agility and operational productivity of a business; therefore it is necessary to use the appropriate switch and routing device in a LAN or on a WAN network. 



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In today’s world, Business data is at a constant risk from advanced and very sophisticated internet attacks. It is therefore necessary to implement appropriate network securities that can detect, block from spreading throughout the network and remove such type of threats, and at the same time protect the integrity of the data.
Selecting an effective Firewall and UTM [Unified Threat Management] is the first step in setting up a security network.

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identity-managementIdentity Management serves as an access control policy for users in an organization over the internet and wireless systems.  The policy includes information that authenticates a user and then allows the user to access the desired information thereby restricting unauthorized access.

A UAC[Unified Access Control] is one such solution restrict access to a user based on defined protocols and user information.



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unified-communication2Unified Communications means integrating together run -time applications like Voicemail, Video-conferencing, Instant Messaging, Desktop and Data sharing in one supported product.
Using this Unified Communication system of Voice and IP helps an organization to streamline its operation processes within a single converged network allowing everyone in an organization to communicate more effectively.



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authorizationRemote Access – SSL VPN and 2FA allows an organization a secured way to enable its authorized users to access the necessary data resources and required information coming from different systems and geographical locations.
The authorized users may be an organization employee, a distributor, or a partner channel network that are not directly a part of the organization.
The authentication is enabled on the VPN’s user account and another temporary code is generated and sent to the Users accessing device. Using the two authentication codes the user can log in to the account to gain access to the required information and resources.

The main advantage of Remote Access – SSL VPN 2FA is the Strong User Authentication, Single sign on and Access Policy Management.

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WAN is a collection of techniques and technologies used to increase the amount of data flow across Wide Access Network [WAN]. The goal for WAN Optimization is to increase the speed to access important applications and necessary resources between Data centers and branch offices, for ERP, Mail application or high Latency VSAT circuits.
WAN optimization also helps in reducing RTO [Recovery Time Objective], RPO [Recovery Point Objective] for DC and DR site. WAN Acceleration techniques include traffic shaping, deduplication, caching, compression, equalizing (prioritizing).

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cloudToday more organizations and enterprises are opting and moving their applications onto the cloud to increase the business agility, the ability to access required data from anywhere and to increase the cost optimization because, cloud uses a pay as you go model.
Since the cloud based servers are hosted outside India, there is an increase in the latency and decrease in the user application experience.
One Network offers solution by integrating network products that optimize the traffic and network resources across both the WAN and the Internet, reduces the bandwidth utilization and prioritizes the business application traffic for a user experience consistency.

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In today’s enterprising organizations, users are seeking a wireless free place to work in and at the same time organizations are strongly accepting the new idea of allowing BYOD [Bring Your Device], so that the employees can connect to the enterprise network by using their own devices.
But the first hurdle in wireless mobility is to have a reliable and secure managed connectivity.
One Networks’ solution in wireless and mobility defined environment is by offering a dynamic wireless network that controls and keeps a track of all the users, their devices, their locations and apps being used.

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dhcp-dns_centralized_managementIP Address management [IPAM] implemented in an organization is a framework to Secure, Control and Automate the IP address space in the organization network. IPAM integrates key control technologies such as DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) on our patented Grid to give you a centralized management of all critical network services.
 IPAM integrated with DNS, DHCP, and IP address management enables the network team to efficiently support enterprise networks, Cloud Storage Systems, SDN, Virtualization, BYOD, IPv4 and IPv6 networks across distributed geographical boundaries.


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firewall2Websites are under a constant risk of security attacks, cross site scripting and SQL injection.  Traditional firewalls are inadequate at stopping the present day sophisticated software and malware leaving the website vulnerable to attack by hackers.
As compared to the traditional firewall Web Application Firewall works dedicatedly on HTTP and HTTPS traffic protocol and performs other functions like SSL offloading and server load balancing.
A Secure Web Application Firewall serves as a barrier against these attacks by using set rules, and models designed to understand the admissible and legitimate behavior of a web application; thereby ensuring the security and the integrity of the system.

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apllication-performance-monitoringApplication and Performance Monitoring software combines together real time users and network applications to monitor various dimensions of an enterprise, such as:

  •  Monitoring user and application performance.
  •  Monitoring components that can affect critical applications including data resources,hardware and operating systems.
  •  Understanding the network performance with the SLA [Service Level Agreement] helps the IT team of an organization to identify key  problem areas that do not fall into the defined compliances.
  •  Application and Performance Monitoring baselines a plan for organization growth and ensuring business goals.  

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